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5 eCommerce Success Stories that Will Inspire Your Next Marketing Campaign

Growing your Shopify store takes work. Nobody goes viral overnight just by creating a Shopify store. Behind every successful Shopify business is a great marketing campaign.

A marketing campaign consists of a series of online ads that are served using multiple marketing tools or across online platforms. Your marketing campaign has a single goal, appearance, and message that aligns with your overall branding.

This is also one of the most popular ways to streamline the marketing and sales of your ecommerce store.

When planning your next marketing campaign, check out these ecommerce success stories that will inspire you.

Beard brand

Beardbrand is known as one of Shopify’s underdogs. What started as a small beard and male skin care brand grew into a multi-million dollar brand. How did you do that?

They used more than one marketing method, but their most successful marketing campaign was with content marketing.

Beardbrand used an email marketing campaign to educate and engage with its audience. Around 81% of small businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel and 80% on customer loyalty.

Beardbrand focuses on its customers’ experience after the purchase to build trust and credibility for a long-term relationship that encourages repeat purchases.

These emails were triggered by specific product purchases, search history, or subscriptions to deliver a personalized experience to each customer. They also provide information at the optimal time so customers can easily top up their products. “

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Huckberry is a clothing and equipment store for the sporty or adventurous man. Huckberry is a rising star in outdoor retail, social media, and popular online magazines.

One of her most popular marketing campaigns to date has been the ingenious use of affiliate marketing and ambassador programs. In 2010, the still-growing Huckberry wanted to find a way to improve its ecommerce marketing channel and strategy.

They started out with a partnership that allowed them to share affiliate links for specific products, content, and more. Their first partnerships were with The Art of Manliness, Business Insider and Outside to slowly expand our brand name. The Business Insider article alone was shared more than 39,000 times a few days after it was published.

When Steam first started taking on the affiliate links, Huckberry built on its growing popularity to create an ambassador program. At this point, Huckberry partnered with Chris Burkard, who at the time had more than three million followers on Instagram alone.

He was a perfect fit with Huckberry’s brand as he made films and toured the world. Here’s an example of how Huckberry and Chris Burkard teamed up to “take to the streets in search of freedom”.

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All birds

All Bird wasn’t always as big as it is today when they started out as a humble e-commerce store aiming for changes in the apparel and footwear industries.

They have mostly relied on content marketing and word of mouth which drives 60% of their business to grow their brand online.

Whenever they have launched a new product, they have been known to run retargeting ads for customers who have not only been explicitly involved with the newly launched product, but also their website.

Today we know that retargeting ads are far more effective than your daily mail or promotional campaigns because you are working with someone who has already been introduced to your brand.

The ad contained a mix of items you might have added to your shopping cart and similar items that might interest you for potential purchases. You can do the same thing to efficiently promote your own ecommerce products.

Learning retargeting isn’t as difficult as it seems. Do not believe it. Read our step-by-step guides to prove it:


Komono is a fashion favorite for luxury eyewear and watches in e-commerce. Like any other ecommerce business, they need to take advantage of major holidays to increase sales.

They decided to create a detailed Black Friday campaign to showcase their product sales. Black Friday (the weeks around the big day) is the biggest consumer time of the year.

Consumers are eager to make purchases and companies are posting their dates for Black Friday to please their shoppers.

They used multiple images with dark and mysterious tones while highlighting the quality and craftsmanship of the products to get the most out of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

The fragrance market

When The Scent Market came to Wishpond for help, our team created a successful marketing campaign based on a unique offer of free shipping.

We used promotional materials for Facebook and Instagram ads using an exceptional landing page.

With Wishpond’s Canvas, we were able to create a stunning landing for The Scent Marketing in minutes. The landing page accommodates customers who have clicked on Facebook ads, emails or social media content.

The landing page of the Fragrance Market has also been integrated into a Shopify button so that customers can easily shop right on the landing page.

This e-commerce marketing campaign is helping to generate approximately $ 34,000.00 in revenue.

The rundown

Creating a successful marketing campaign requires many moving parts. It’s never really just one thing, it’s a set of marketing and lead generation tools that support your overall message and drive the leads you capture.

Here is a roundup of the five ecommerce success stories that will inspire your next marketing campaign:

  1. Beard brand
  2. Goat band
  3. All birds
  4. Komono
  5. The fragrance market

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