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7 Valentine’s Day Marketing Strategies with AI and Personalization

It’s that time of year again when glossy foiled chocolate, red roses and Be Mine candy hearts invade our grocery stores, pharmacies, department stores and gas stations.

How can you keep your Valentine’s Day marketing strategy up to date with more shoppers online and buying gifts on their smartphones?
To get noticed in 2021, marketers need to step up their Valentine’s Day marketing efforts to appeal to rapidly changing consumer behavior.

Much Needed says US buyers are spending more than $ 27 billion on Valentine’s Day Gifts and shoppers in the UK spend over $ 1.36 billion on loved ones – but that’s only a fraction of the global Valentine’s Day market.

Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas for Digital Business

As more companies conduct their brick and mortar businesses online, digital retailers and ecommerce managers need to find ways to make their Valentine’s Day campaigns stand out in a saturated market.

How can you address visitors and existing customers without creating massive sentimental content?

The answer is deceptively simple: use personalization and AI in your Valentine’s campaigns to become every customer’s cup of tea.

Now let’s examine strategies to win customer hearts with 7 Personalization and AI Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas.

Go beyond hi, {first name} Valentine’s emails

A cute heart emoji and clever subject line can open emails, but how do you get email recipients to take the next action?

To make a splash in today’s busy inboxes, you need to go beyond basic personalization of first names using user segmentation and AI.

What is user segmentation?

User segmentation analyzes demographic, psychographic, behavioral and geographic customer segments and creates subgroups from these categories based on common behavioral and consumption patterns.

Understanding what makes each person tick in real time, where they’re active, and what they’ve bought in the past is the cornerstone of custom Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns that promote relevant products, services, and content at the right time on the channels with the greatest impact .

Valentine’s Email Personalization with AI

Email personalizationLike all marketing, it starts with understanding your prospects and existing customers.

  • What a visitor browsed, added to their shopping cart on your website, what ads they viewed
  • Which emails did you previously open and follow up?
  • Which products they bought and which products they consumed in a certain period of time

These insights, combined with AI recommendations, enable marketers to create highly personalized emails.

Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Idea for Ecommerce

For example, let’s say you’re an online women’s fashion brand. You can see that a visitor has looked through a pink camisole, heart pattern yoga pants and a beautiful silver heart signet ring in the past few weeks.

They notice that they even put the ring and a cozy red sweater in their shopping cart but haven’t checked out.

Knowing this, you can compose an email highlighting these products and showcasing related products that have been handpicked by AI. In this case, heart pattern sweatshirts, heart-shaped earrings and other products are used that are guaranteed to make that buyer head over heels for your brand.

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