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A Buyer’s Guide to Effectively Evaluate a CDP that Grows your Business

Taken together, CDPs have proven to be one of the most effective technology platforms for empowering data-driven marketers in an age of complex, personalized, multi-channel experiences.

Most companies, both corporations and startups, turning to customer data platforms are considering working with a leading CDP provider. This has several advantages.

1. Time to value: One of the greatest benefits you get when you partner with a CDP provider is faster Time to evaluate, the speed at which you can get it up and running. Instead of devoting valuable resources to creating your own CDP, you can incorporate packaged SDKs into your digital properties or set up API connections.

Some CDP providers also offer professional service support to assist your engineers with the implementation. Insider provides implementation support that can get you to execution in 90 days or less from the briefing call.

2. Cost: Partnering with a leading provider of customer data platforms can be cost effective. As mentioned in the framework above, building a CDP in-house is expensive because it requires dedicated hours from developers and engineers and the alignment of multiple stakeholders across the company over a long period of time. Delays in the creation process only make the project more expensive.

When you work with a CDP provider, you can get all the features you and your team need for a specific subscription price (based on your needs).

3. Ease of use: Different teams are able to collect data from different new sources, e.g. B. from a POS system with little to no technical dependencies, and testing new platforms or A / B testing by sending limited records to them with just a few clicks.

Regardless of your final decision on whether to create or buy a CDP, we hope that you have all the information you need to make the right decision for your business. To explore Insider’s CDP and learn its capabilities, Schedule a personalized demo with our product experts.

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