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We provide every client with a dedicated, full-time virtual employee who works remotely for them from our office here in India. To successfully achieve this objective, VirtualEmployee.com relies on management, infrastructure, hardware and the latest technology to bridge physical distance and time zone differences. Although your virtual employee works directly for you, it is VirtualEmployee.com that provides every employee with the latest hardware, infrastructure of international standards and supervision, guidance and management. What this achieves is that even though your employee is working from our office in India, they work directly for you as though they were operating physically from your office.

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Web Development

Want to build a website quickly with minimum coding? A website that can be customized as you want, whether it is the theme, plugins, or the media?

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Database Analysis

A Database Programmer assumes of a lot of significance when it comes to development of effective database management systems.

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Server Security

In simple terms, that means applying a combination of basic and advanced security measures to address vulnerabilities

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Business goals describe what a company expects to accomplish over a specific period of time

We have in business for over 10 years now. Our dedicated virtual employees have worked for over 2021 clients from 33 countries and across 5 continents.

No, we are not like oDesk or the other freelancing websites. You hire dedicated employees from us who work exclusively for you from our professional, well-equipped and supervised offices. Your virtual employee does NOT work from home.

webart-studio.com is a leading remote staffing company, headquartered near New Delhi, India with five branch offices in India, and one in the UK. Since 2007, it has been helping Small and Medium Businesses in 33 countries and across 5 continents to hire dedicated virtual employees from India in any domain or profession. The domains range from specialist skills like IT and ITES,

Meet Business Goals & Objectives Faster. Zunesis, as an IT solutions provider company, has over a decade of experience helping customers achieve their goals

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