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AI and social media marketers in B2B marketing campaign

30-second summary:

  • The alignment between advanced technologies and B2B marketing has evolved. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential and capabilities to take B2B marketing to a new level.
  • In the past, AI was just a matter of science fiction films and science laboratories. Today it is used extensively by a number of industries and marketing is no exception. Digital B2C marketers are already using the possibilities of AI to digitize their social media campaigns and make them more attractive and attractive.
  • In the B2B context, marketers can also use AI and transform the buyer journey. Not only does AI help identify the right customers, but it can also be used to meet those customers’ needs.
  • After all, AI is best for B2B social media marketers as it automates processes and saves them time that can be used on core activities.

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence has touched every aspect of human life. It’s no longer just about science fiction films or big labs. Curious how artificial intelligence (AI) can help social media marketers design an effective B2B marketing campaign? Well, it doesn’t have to be anymore.

With people already moving to online shopping, social media marketers are trying their best to use AI to design engaging B2B marketing campaigns.

Did you know that more than 30% of all B2B companies are expected to use AI to improve sales processes by 2020? In addition, 63% of B2B companies are encouraged to use artificial intelligence as it can lower operating costs, while 54% of marketing managers state that AI solutions have increased their productivity (Zoominfo)

Nine ways AI and social media are demonstrating immense value in B2B marketing strategy

Below are eight ways social media marketers can leverage AI and completely transform B2B marketing campaigns:

1) Understand the value of AI in B2B marketing

To go further, it is very important to know what value artificial intelligence and social media marketers can bring to a B2B marketing campaign.

The first and foremost benefit of using AI as part of the B2B campaign is that social media marketers get high quality leads. In fact, this is the biggest challenge for B2B marketers.

A study of a survey of B2B marketers suggests that marketers’ greatest expectation of AI is to help them identify profitable prospects and improve the effectiveness of a marketing strategy that drives sales.

Before AI, lead generation was a difficult task for marketers. However, segmenting the audience is quick and easy with. If a B2B company can accurately identify its target group, the chances of success improve.

It is also suggested that AI will replace social media marketers.


2) Personalized messages for the B2B marketing campaign

Personalization is key in both the B2C and B2B worlds.

According to a study, 71% of B2B marketers say they are interested in adopting AI technologies because of personalization.

With AI, social media marketers can develop a personalized B2B campaign, which is a key factor in Lea conversion. By personalization, I mean that the content of the campaign must appeal to the audience.

With AI, social media marketers can leverage the information from B2B customers and use it for custom interactions. Artificial intelligence gives brands the opportunity to understand customer behavior and anticipate their needs.

These messages generated by AI technology include emails, text messages, ads, and pop-up messages that appear on landing pages.

3) Automated conversations

One of the most amazing uses of AI in the business world is that it allows chatbots to work around the clock. With an AI-powered social media communication system, you can:

  • Quick response to customer inquiries
  • Understand customer needs
  • Offer customer suggestions
  • Scheduled messages sent
  • Promotion of new products and services
  • Take surveys without being boring

AI automation

Automated conversations should be part of any B2B marketing campaign as they increase the brand’s responsiveness to customers. When shoppers get the information they’re looking for, they quickly get to the buying phase.

4) CRM for B2B marketing campaign

In the B2B context, customer relationship management (CRM) is extremely important.

AI-powered intelligent CRM systems analyze customer behavior and a large amount of data that can benefit your B2B marketing campaign. They use predictive analytics to identify behavior patterns and trends. This data can be used by social media marketers to identify quality issues – which is indeed the most painful of the tasks.

In addition, AI-based CRM uses natural language processing (NLP) to transfer phone calls between sales reps and business customers. This would help companies rank the value and risk of a particular lead.

5) Content creation and optimization

Do you regularly post content to your social accounts and websites but not getting the traffic and leads you want? The lack of optimized content could be the reason.

In the past, social media marketers only launched a single B2B marketing campaign. Today they start more campaigns. With AI, social media marketers can create meaningful and valuable content that users will want to read.

It also made SEO easier. Identifying relevant keywords based on the user’s intent and building high quality backlinks is no longer a problem with, for example, AI. Time-consuming tedious SEO tasks are done easily and quickly with AI.

6) Influence Marketing

Who are influencers?

They are key people with a high level of expertise in their niche and a large fan base. Through them, you can increase awareness of your brand and reach a large audience. You can also collaborate with them to create content and get your product going.

You can use influencers for your B2B marketing campaign and increase its success rate. In the past year, nearly 50% of B2B organizations used influencer marketing to promote their brand.

AI can help you identify the right influencers who are a perfect fit with your brand personality and goals.

7) Simplified data analysis

The success of your B2B marketing campaign depends on how well you collect and evaluate data.

Failure to accurately get and interpret data can affect your B2B campaign and you can lose profitable leads.

As we all know, humans can make mistakes, but AI can simplify the complexities of media planning. With AI, you can solve complex problems quickly and get the history in no time. For example, social media platforms with AI support can inform social media marketers which customers have a higher income and which luxury brands they even own.

8) Tracking B2B Marketing Campaign Efforts

As a social marketer, you may be interested in knowing how your B2B campaign is working and if changes are needed. Experts suggest that B2B social media marketers should always compare their current performance against previous results to measure actual results.

According to the UK essay writers, AI-powered platforms have enabled companies to track potential customers every step of the way. With AI, you don’t have to wait a week to get a post-mortem report on your B2B campaign.

That way, social media marketers could also make changes to their B2B campaign immediately if needed. A similar strategy is used for developing mobile applications for your B2B prospects.

9) Optimizing the email sending times

No matter how much remarkable content you create with valuable information, it would be worthless if your customers couldn’t find it when they opened their email.

Social media marketers are empowered with AI. You can optimize the delivery times for emails. AI calculates the best time to send email to your audience.

According to a study, morning is the best time to send B2B emails. Emails sent between 12:00 p.m. and 8:15 a.m. receive a high open rate.

in total

AI has fundamentally changed the way social media marketers design and launch a B2B marketing campaign. Things are pretty much easier and faster.

By revolutionizing the way AI collects, processes, and creates data, social media marketers are freeing up more time to do other important activities.

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