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Architect: Design Individualized Cross-Channel Journeys

What do your customers want?

Today customers are networked and research-oriented. They rely on brand awareness, consideration, research, and shortlisting across multiple channels before making a purchase decision. This means that they are unlikely to make a purchase the first time they visit a website. Hence, cross-channel engagement for marketers is critical. Research confirms this: cross-channel customers are worth 30% more than single-channel customers.

In addition, customers have more control over their shopping experience. They expect marketers to meet them on every digital platform they live on and send them the right message at the right time.

This sounds like a difficult requirement. But not when marketers are on board Insider’s cross-channel travel orchestration platform – architect. With Insider, companies can keep messaging consistent across channels and seamlessly coordinate it across all platforms and digital touchpoints on which their customers are active.

The top three features that highlight Insider’s Cross Channel Orchestration product

Insider’s cross-channel travel orchestration product is constantly evolving. However, three main goals remain at the core of success: the ability to curate an individual customer journey, the optimization potential and the added value.

1. Orchestrating an individual trip

Before buying, customers switch between multiple channels to research, review, compare, and shortlist. Marketers therefore need to be present across channels in order to provide personalized content and relevant offers and to encourage customers to achieve their goals.

Which channels should a marketer be present on? Good question.

Insider’s cross-channel travel orchestration product can reach customers through channels – including email, app, web, ads, push notifications, offline channels, call API (e.g. WhatsApp Business, Line, Zendesk, etc.), Call Center, and SMS – all from a single platform. This ensures that all messages stay connected with each other and that there is no possibility of loss of communication.

Also, sometimes marketers have access to customer data from multiple touchpoints – such as the customer’s location, the channels they frequent and their purchase intentions – that they cannot consolidate and use effectively. Insider has developed a robust customer data platform (CDP) that uses data from online and offline sources to create customized user profiles. This helps marketers increase the breadth and depth of their segments and, based on previous cross-channel interactions, accurately predict whether a user will take certain actions. This helps create truly customized experiences for customers.

To further promote individualized cross-channel orchestration, Insider’s product also enables marketers to:

  1. Use AI to predict the best channels to reach customers. This eliminates the guesswork and allows AI to make the most appropriate decisions.
  2. A / B Test the different visitor travel paths and choose the winning path.
  3. Automatically trigger special trips for each customer based on specific upcoming events in their life. Example: birthdays, attribute changes.

2. Optimize your customer’s journey using advanced analytics

Optimizing your cross-channel travel orchestration is an ongoing process. With so many channels in the game, pinpointing exactly where you’re being left behind can be daunting. Marketers may have different opinions about the impact of a trip. But numbers say more than words. Robust statistical infographics provide deep insights and eliminate the need for manual tabulation. Insider’s cross-channel orchestration product offers advanced reports on individual customer journeys, giving marketers a complete picture of their campaigns.

Insider also provides access to live statistics that provide real-time performance insights and infographics of the travel campaign in action. Marketers can also use A / B test statistics to compare different paths within a single travel campaign and the sales growth of individual campaigns.

Testing is important to optimize a campaign as it simulates how a customer journey would play out in real life. Add to this the ability to run dry-run campaigns that simulate a journey to understand customer retention across channels and the potential increase in sales. Insider’s helps marketers get started on their campaign early by forecasting their potential.

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