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B2B Sellers Report 200%+ Increases in Performance when Using Video

December 16, 2020

Sellers who take a digital-first and video-first approach to customer loyalty are seeing significant gains in 2020. New video-for-sales training tools are helping every business empower their sales teams to take advantage of video in new ways in 2021

KÜCHENER, Ontario – December 16, 2020 – As business-to-business (B2B) salespeople adapt to a digital-first reality, many have found new ways to not only maintain their performance but also to radically improve their sales effectiveness and efficiency. New data from VidyardThe business video platform believes that the use of video for sales – both live video conferencing and personalized video messaging – has grown exponentially in response to the move to digital sales in 2020 and is also impacting sales performance.

Recent research by Demand Metric shows a 93% increase over the previous year in the number of companies using video for prospecting and customer loyalty. Of those who use videos, 94% say they are just as good, if not better, than other forms of contact. Meanwhile, sales teams from #paid, Dynamic Signal, Fresh Relevance, Modus, Woodway UK and others have reported an amazing situation 200% + increase in their response rates and / or completion rates since adopting a video-first approach to sales. Whether it is a personalized “unboxing video” to clearly show The Body Shop how superior Woodway UK’s packaging solution is or hit the slopes Seeking Vail to create an instant connection, sellers in all markets are finding new ways to harness the power of video to engage, learn, and gain trust in a digital selling world.

“The use of personalized videos and custom screen captures has literally changed the way we sell,” said Thomas Buchanan, enterprise account executive at Modus. “By creating and sharing custom videos at every stage of the buying process, every stakeholder can see, know, and learn from me – whether or not I have the opportunity to meet them on a live call. Since adding videos to my sales approach, I’ve seen tremendous increases in customer loyalty, shorter business cycles and a 4x increase in my closing prices. It’s about getting creative and thinking about how buyers want to engage in this new world, not how you want to sell. “

Free video-for-sales training tools to help sellers consume video in 2021

While the use of video isn’t entirely new to many sales teams, very few have learned how to harness their real potential to engage prospects remotely. However, on the way to the sales teams in 2021, it is not to be underestimated the importance of using video as a new sales channel. In Forrester Research’s Forecasts 2021: B2B sales Report, authors Principal Analyst Mary Shea, Ph.D., Vice President and Principal Analyst Laura Ramos, and Principal Analyst Jay McBain state this B2B sellers are becoming experts in creating and handling videos in 2021.

“Sellers who have traditionally been limited to email, phone calls, and screen interactions will look for more dynamic ways to grab buyers’ attention [in 2021]”Said the Forrester report.” Train your salespeople to be memorable on synchronous video and create effective asynchronous video, and make sure they have access to a user-generated video creation tool. “

To help sales teams adopt video as part of their digital first-selling approach, Vidyard is now offering a free suite of video-for-sales training tools that help salespeople learn how to be great in front of the camera, how to search with personalized videos and how to use customized videos to close more business. The new resources include:

Free Video Selling Master Class: Learn How To Use Video For Selling

Vidyard is new Video Selling Master Class is a free virtual sales training program Designed to help sellers improve their sales skills and develop video basics to help them advance their sales strategy in 2021. In just 20 minutes, sales reps can learn the basics of how to incorporate video into their sales process to better engage, train, and gain trust with remote buyers. Each lesson contains additional resources to aid sales reps on their video sales journey. In this three-part, self-directed video series, sales reps learn:

  • Lesson 1: Why Video Is So Effective in Modern Digital First Selling
  • Lesson 2: Where To Use Video In Your Sales Cycle And What Types Of Videos To Use
  • Lesson 3: How to Create Meaningful Personalized Videos That Have Been Verifiably Converted

Free video for remote sales training and SKO kit for sales teams

Vidyard has launched that too Video for remote sales training and SKO kit, a comprehensive resource kit any business can use to train their sales reps on how to effectively use video at every stage of the buying process. The kit contains four learning modules as well as recommended exercises to put these learning outcomes into action. Sales reps learn:

  • Module 1: How to be great in front of the camera and change the way you sell with video
  • Module 2: Mastering the Art and Science of Prospecting with Personalized Videos
  • Module 3: Using Video Throughout Your Sales Process To Close More Deals, Faster
  • Module 4: Record, Share, and Track Custom Videos with Ease

The kit also includes resources and exercises that sales reps can use starting today to improve their video selling skills. This includes sales scripts and templates, a handy script timer, inspirational examples of sales videos, and group exercises to strengthen ideas.

For more examples of how real sellers are using video to reinvent their approach to sales in 2021 and beyond, check out the newly announced winners of the 2020 Video in Business Awards or the new one Video Selling Master Class.

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Sandy Pell

Sandy Pell

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