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Breakfast charcuterie, bedroom bathtubs, and more: Pinterest predictions for 2021 are in

30-second summary:

  • Pinterest Predicts, the latest trend report from Pinterest, offers a glimpse into the future and lists emerging trends for 2021 based on popular searches, pins, and posts from 2020.
  • Pinterest is a place where people plan new projects, seek inspiration, and look for unique, unusual, and innovative products.
  • Pinterest has a good track record of nailing future trends – 80% of their 2020 predictions have come true.
  • We highlight some key trends in three categories: wellbeing, travel, and food.
  • You can view the entire report, which organizes 150 trends across 10 categories, on Pinterest’s business website.

What do protective crystals, bedroom bathtubs and sausage boards have in common? These are all emerging trends, according to Pinterest Predicts, the latest trending report from the visual search engine and creativity platform.

Pinterest has over 442 million monthly users. Its user base is more than 60% female, but a wide range of populations, including male and Gen Z winners, use the platform (both groups were up 50% year over year).

Pinterest is a place where people plan new projects, look for inspiration, and look for unique and innovative products.

As people turn to Pinterest for inspiration and planning events and projects in advance, their search data tends to identify hot new interests before trending everywhere.

Pinterest has a good track record of nailing future trends – 80% of their 2020 predictions have come true.

Understanding consumer sentiment, interest and motivation in 2020 has been difficult as the pandemic, associated lockdowns and economic uncertainty have changed people’s priorities and behaviors.

This year, the trends on Pinterest reflect those changes. We’ll review some of the key highlights from the report across a variety of categories, including wellbeing, travel, and food.

The full report breaks 150 trends into ten categories and identifies key issues that show how consumer behavior is changing.

Prioritizing mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing

Aya Kanai, Head of Content and Editorial Partnerships at Pinterest, spoke at a recent press event about the top 2020 search results for Pinterest.

Kanai says, “New age wellness trends and rituals are returning and alternative healing methods are becoming more mainstream. Sleep care will be the new self care. “

The most popular search terms in this category include: Protection Crystals, Manifestation Techniques, and Fantasy Map Creation.

Partial search results on Pinterest for the term “protective crystals”

Here are some key wellness findings from the report:

  • In the US, there has been a 100% increase in searches for the term “protective crystals” and a 105% increase in searches for “manifestation techniques”
  • The search for the term “zodiac facts” has increased 6-fold in Spain, Germany and Sweden.
  • Spiritual bathing is an increasing trend. In the UK, Canada and Australia searches for the term “spiritual cleansing bath” are increasing by 180%.
  • In the US, Australia and the UK, searches for the term “bathroom in bedroom freestanding” increased by 50%.

A bathroom in the bedroom (that’s not weird at all) – Source: Pinterest

Cars are the new “third place” for those who are hungry for travel

After a tough year for the travel industry, Pinterest’s view of upcoming travel trends is hopeful. Kanai says, “In 2021, people will be planning, booking, and exploring again. Outdoor exploration is growing in popularity with activities like RV camping and stargazing. “

Predictions are based on trends that have emerged over the course of 2020, including the global increase in car trips and cars themselves, providing an escape room for those stuck at home (which we all are).

Per Kanai: “Next year, cars will offer more than just an escape route, they will become an escape room as the winners use their vehicles for everything from date night to survival vehicles.”

Pinterest global travel dates found:

  • In Brazil, Germany and France there was a twofold increase in searches for the term “car date night”.
  • Searches for the term “Car Man Cave” increased 115% in the US, Australia and the UK
  • There has been a 100% increase in the term “dog car seats” in the US, Canada and the UK

Car brands can use cars as the new “third space” by promoting luxury features like massage seats, surround sound and Vista roofs.

CPG brands can also benefit from this trend by reminding consumers to stock their cars with hand sanitizer, lip balm and wet wipes.

The sky is the limit when your living space extends to your car!

Breakfast sausage boards and condiments for profit

The food industry has been changed by the pandemic. Among the many different trends that emerged from Pinterest’s search data, top trends were French sausage boards, home cooking, and mimicking the dining experience.

PinterestSource: Pinterest Forecasts 2020 Report

“Many new food-related trends are forecast for 2021,” explains Kanai. “Pinners will be experimenting with new taste techniques and cuisines at home. We will see the rise of more flavorful recipes and intense flavor profiles. Winners will also entertain themselves differently if they reinterpret what the French call a sausage board, other than serving breakfast or dessert spreads instead of cold cuts. “

Sausage breakfast spreads? That’s something I can empathize with! (I’m sorry. I’ll see myself).

Pinterest global data shows the following food-based trends:

  • In the US, UK and Australia searches for the term “bread art” increased by 130%.
  • In Germany, Australia and the UK, the number of gourmet dishes increased by 105%.
  • The search for the term “Basque roast cheesecake” has increased tenfold in Canada, Australia and Indonesia.

If you’re curious about what bread art is, here’s a focaccia bread masterpiece:

PinterestQuilted Focaccia Buns – Source: Pinterest

Future trends determine future planning

The stats and trends listed above are just a taste (pun intended) of what’s available in Pinterest’s annual trend report. It pays to dig into the categories relevant to your business to understand what consumers have been looking for through 2020 so you can plan ahead through 2021.

The results are broken down geographically by main themes – home, food, fashion, beauty, and fitness / wellness – that are equally popular in all countries.

The nuances specific to each country are listed along with statistics for a particular topic (e.g. “food toppings” versus “gourmet food coating”) which vary by country, as shown in the graph below.

PinterestSource: Pinterest Forecasts 2020 Report

Marketers, brands, and businesses of all types can use Pinterest’s search term trending information to help plan their content strategies for 2021.

People have turned to Pinterest for guidance and advice on how to deal with the pandemic. Hence, it’s also a great way for advertisers to reach out to consumers as they plan their next outing, project, or meal.

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