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Email Marketing with a Brand New Editor, Spam Test, and Inbox Preview

Email doesn’t have to be annoying and spammy, and it definitely doesn’t take long to develop, design, and create. However, it can be difficult for marketers to craft an email that lands right in the primary inbox and shows a lot of engagement.

How often do your open rates drop and you cannot give any possible reasons for this? One of the main causes is that email providers have made spam filtering tighter.

Another important factor that plays an important role in email deliverability is the engagement of your subscribers. If your emails are repetitive and boring, your customers give them a cold shoulder. This leads to a decrease in your open rates. Worse, your customers can even unsubscribe from your email, and that’s a scenario no marketer will want.

The goal of Insider is to make it easier and more intuitive for its partners to create faster and spam-proof emails. So, we’ve focused on the two main factors that make email building and testing smooth.

1. Subscriber loyalty

  • Engaging your subscribers is critical to a successful email campaign. One surefire way to do this is to create a visually appealing email that hits all the nodes of a perfect email.

2. Spam filtering

  • Even a small mistake like a typo can send your email to the spam box. This can have a significant impact on your ROI. While marketers typically have a pre-campaign checklist, most will miss the mark if they don’t check it out for their email clients and mobile devices.

Insider’s new drag and drop email editor is a more user-friendly and intuitive builder that will help you achieve all of your email marketing goals. You can be a marketer, an email ninja, or a developer. With Insider’s new email editor, you can create an email in no time. You can use pre-built templates as well as seamlessly create, edit and preview custom email HTML in real time on our platform.

With Insider’s new email editor, you no longer have to worry about creating your custom HTML on one platform, previewing it on another tool, and editing it in an editor. This minimizes the likelihood of mistakes getting into your customers’ inboxes. In addition to the new drag and drop editor, we’ve also introduced some groundbreaking new features and improvements that will ensure the success of your end-to-end email campaign creation process.

What’s new in Insider Email 2.0?

Create an email from scratch using the drag and drop editor

If you are not satisfied with the templates you already have, you can create your own custom email from scratch. This can be done in two ways:

1. Build on a standard template

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