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Get human in your marketing now to reach B2B buyers in 2021

30-second summary:

  • Empathic marketing plays an important role in intercultural content marketing.
  • Empathy means understanding your audience from their perspective, and marketers need to be vigilant and get involved in the audience’s investigative processes.
  • A smooth way to enter a new market is to involve its users in your content.
  • Authentic marketing is based on listening and asking.
  • Asking open and empathetic questions about social media conversations is an effective tactic for using your new audience to share ideas that are important to them.

The world is loud. As a B2B marketer, you compete for the attention of your target audience. And in B2B, buy cycles are long, which means you have to keep the audience busy for months. It’s not easy being a B2B marketer in 2020.

Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond, audiences will demand authenticity and transparency in your marketing. You can achieve authenticity and transparency by taking a people-centered approach.

While it is important in any marketing approach, it is also important in cross-cultural marketing. As more companies move overseas, your marketing needs to stand out, align with the culture, and translate authentically.

Why should you be interested in intercultural content marketing?

Cultural differences affect your content marketing. Before you start writing content, you need to understand your audience’s demographics, needs, emotions, and motivations. When marketing across cultures, it can go deeper than these basics.

In these situations, understanding intercultural branding, the tonality of content, slang formulations and phrases goes hand in hand with successful marketing to a foreign audience.

Empathic marketing plays an important role in intercultural content marketing. While it is equally important in marketing to your home country audience, empathy when entering a new market in a foreign country will be an essential factor in your success.

Empathy means understanding your audience on their level – from their perspective. This requires a marketer to be attentive and involved in the audience investigative processes. It’s also the ability to tailor your marketing tactics to your audience’s needs and interests.

With empathetic marketing, you can create content and strategic advertising approaches that are more receptive to your audience. If you use empathy, you will also become more authentic in your marketing.

Authentic marketing, or marketing that is tailored to your audience’s interests, results in a higher return on investment. This step is even more important in intercultural situations. You may understand what “works” and what “doesn’t” work in your home country, but do you have the same intuitive attitude towards another culture?

All in all, you strive to be people-centered in your intercultural marketing approach. It’s the marketing approach of 2021 and beyond.

Three tactics to authentically connect with audiences abroad

When you enter new markets, your business is unknown. B2B buyers can be skeptical, so trust in your company is low. How can you earn their trust? How can you brand yourself as authentic and the right product solution?

Leverage user content

Entering a new market is difficult. As a non-native speaker, you don’t have all of the facts, figures and the personal touch as if you were a native speaker. In this situation, involve your new customers in the creation of content.

Run a campaign that will allow your customers to join the conversation. For example, LinkedIn is a great social channel to promote user generated content for B2B companies.

Ask your colleagues

Cultures have a unique way of formulating and structuring communication. As a non-native marketer, these cultural nuances could be difficult to adapt to and quickly grasp. Authentic marketing is based on listening and asking.

The internet connects cultures. Use these resources to ensure that your cross-cultural content marketing is working and relevant.

Ask your marketing colleagues about your approach or your formulation. Can you understand Does it resonate with you?

Develop content topics from social media conversations

Let the new market decide on your content topics. In content marketing, it’s a good idea to involve your audience throughout the planning and writing process. Use the new audience to drive content ideas.

Ask open and empathetic questions on social media to build deeper connections. Connect with new customers over the phone to gather information. Listening is always an important step in better marketing.

Cross-cultural marketing is difficult. It requires empathy, understanding, knowledge, and a people-centered approach to your marketing.

Don’t assume that the same marketing tactic will work the same in every country. Be strategic. Be empathetic. Always work on creating content experiences that have a lasting impact on your audience.

Megan Thudium is the founder of MTC | The Content Agency, a content agency that works with German B2B brands and is expanding into the North American market worldwide. Your agency employs content marketing, SEO, and thought leadership best practices to drive awareness, credibility, and leadership through content marketing. She is an expert on everything to do with B2B content marketing, and her strategic marketing insights have been published in publications such as ClickZ, Under30CEO, the Advertising Week, Forbes, Business.com, Upwork.com and Managers.org.uk published to name a few. You can find Megan on LinkedIn who is actively sharing insights into B2B content marketing.

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