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Hande Cilingir Recognized as One of the Top 25 Software CEOs of Europe

Once again, Hande Cilingir, our Co-Founder and CEO, takes the spotlight The Software Report (TSR)Announcement of the Top 25 CEOs Europe 2020.

TSR’s has announced its list of the 25 best software CEOs in Europe for 2020 – and is made up of exceptional leaders – people who have made an impact on their company and make significant contributions in their segment.

This year’s nominees are those who – despite the impact of the pandemic – have grown stronger and bolder, paving the way for their companies and employees through acquisitions, organizational changes and new product launches, while at the same time creating a positive work environment and grow.

No wonder Hande is one of The Software Report (TSR) recognized 25 CEOs. We saw how Hande went to great lengths and cared for Insider and the 600+ people in 25 countries in the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

“Hande represents what we define as exceptional leadership: entrepreneurial, passionate and compassionate, with diverse ideas and challenges, a long-term builder of a vision, culture and a global technology company that is larger than any individual person or group; We are humble to be part of their journey. “ said Francisco Alvares, Riverwood Capital.

For the past 8 years, Hande has been recognized for her leadership and vision. Some notable recognitions are:

  • Top Woman CEO outside of the US from Crunchbase
  • Recipient of the Linda’s Award by Endeavor Global
  • Microsoft Businesswoman of the Year Award
  • Endeavor Outliers Program Winner

The well-deserved recognition of Hande by TSR comes at a time when we recently had a $ 32M Series C Funding run by Riverwood Capital and announced ours Entry into the US market.

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