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Case Study: How Retyche Gain Over $100,000 in Sales with a Shopping Spree Giveaway

At Wishpond, we’ve helped generate over 100,000 leads for companies like you. One of the most commonly used lead generation tools are contests and freebies.

In all industries, e-commerce and beauty pageants have the highest conversions and competition entries. E-commerce and beauty competitions have ten times more conversions and engagement compared to other industries.

We offer clients a wide variety of social media contests and contests to help grow their fan base and increase sales.

Retyche reached out to Wishpond to help them generate more leads and sales, enough to cover the expenses so they could keep their business going despite the impending pandemic.

When the Wishpond team went to work, we helped them make over $ 100,000 in sales from a shopping spree.

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Create the perfect offer

Retyche is a luxury thrift store. They had used different marketing tools, but the problem seemed to be the same. When they sat down to develop a strategy with our Wishpond team, they originally had two goals, but most importantly, to pay back the investments they had made in using the Wishpond tools and to cover other costs.

The first goal was to generate leads by building brand awareness and the second was to generate sales for their bestsellers.

Since lead generation was the first task, the team decided that a $ 500 shopping spree was the best way to go. A dedicated landing page for this giveaway has been created to make it easier to collect leads.

Since Facebook ads are the most effective tool in promoting the brand, it was used to promote the giveaway along with Retyche’s best-selling products. The audience we targeted for these ads were interested in specific niches such as sustainable fashion, thrift, second-hand shopping, and luxury items. The team has come up with a variety of Facebook ads like:

  • Acquisition ad campaigns: Data-driven mobile advertising campaigns are used to acquire users. It is used to raise awareness of apps, platforms or services and to attract new users.

  • Retargeting of advertising campaigns: These are ads that appear only to people who have previously dealt with your brand online at one point or another. Remarketing ads are up to ten times more likely to be clicked than regular paid display ads.

  • Dynamic advertising campaigns: These ads use machine learning to scale your ads when you have a wide range of large quantities of products. Dynamic ads automatically deliver relevant services or offers to people based on their interests, intentions, and actions.

Once the ads started generating leads, it was time to convert leads from the ads and giveaways into paying customers. Leads were directed into a welcome email campaign. Emails focused on brand awareness, top seller presentation, exclusive discounts and sales promotion. After the leads completed the welcome email campaign, they were added to Retyche’s bi-weekly newsletter to keep them connected with the brand.

For leads who have not made a purchase, they have been realigned with optimized ad versions of the ads originally used. Using the data collected by Facebook Ad Manager and Google Analytics, the Wishpond team found that smaller items were easier to promote and sell. The team also realized that Instagram was the brand’s most profitable platform, using Instagram and IG Story ads more than Facebook ads.

The results of the campaign

Investing $ 2,000 in ads and taking advantage of the shopping spree supported by Facebook and Instagram ads, Retyche generated over 908 leads, 106 sales that totaled over $ 115,000 in revenue.

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