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Introducing Promotional Messages on WhatsApp Business API

Who can send non-transactional messages?

Currently, WhatsApp Business has restricted non-transactional messages to Indonesia and Mexico. If you have a presence in one of the countries, you can use Insider’s WhatsApp Business API to send promotional messages based on your customers’ behavior. These messages can include, but are not limited to, shopping cart exit messages, special offers, and marketing campaigns.

Get started with non-transactional WhatsApp messages

In order to begin sending non-transactional messages on WhatsApp, these requirements and considerations must be aligned with WhatsApp’s business policies.


  • Companies must be present in Indonesia or Mexico and have the same country setting in their Business Manager
  • No additional integration work is required to activate this function
  • No change to the process of creating the message template

Considerations and Limitations

  • Organizations must sign users in before sending any proactive messages, including non-transactional messages. These opt-ins must comply with the guidelines for WhatsApp opt-in guidelines
  • Broadcast notifications such as recurring newsletters are still not permitted on the platform
  • Businesses must follow WhatsApp’s trading guidelines

See How Insider Sends Shopping Cart Reminder Messages

Although WhatsApp may take some time to roll out this update in other countries, you will still be able to send non-transactional messages using the Messaging Apps Suite.

WhatsApp has long been a one-way communication channel, but now that’s changing for businesses. Previously, WhatsApp had set the following guidelines for the Business API:

  1. In order for a brand to start a conversation with a user, the message must be a pre-approved WhatsApp message template.
  2. When a customer starts a conversation with a brand or responds to a brand’s message, a 24-hour window begins. During this time, brands can send any message they want, including promotional content.

Building on these guidelines, Insider has introduced interactive shopping cart reminder messages that encourage users to purchase with a pre-approved WhatsApp message template and send a promotional message based on user response.

How do interactive messages work?

When users exit their shopping cart, Insider’s Cart Reminder sends them a pre-approved message template asking for their opinion on the product or experience. This message contains options such as Type “1” for A and Type “2” for B to collect user input.

The answers are divided into the following categories:

  1. Positive answer (‘A’ or ‘1’)
  2. Negative answer (‘B’ or ‘2’)
  3. No Answer

Here’s what happens next:

  • If the user replies with 1 (positive answer), you can send a shopping cart abandonment message directly.
  • If the user replies with 2 (Negative Response), you can send a text message that contains a generic coupon code. Example: “Here is a 10% discount code. Complete your purchase.”
  • If the user does not reply, no further messages will be sent.

The way forward with non-transactional messages

Insider will provide updates as we expand our offering and WhatsApp sends non-transactional messages to more countries.

When you start sending non-transactional notifications, please share your feedback with us. We’re excited about this new update and look forward to learning more about which use cases are bringing valuable experiences, driving engagement, and increasing conversions for businesses on WhatsApp.

If you are already using our WhatsApp Business API product, contact your account manager to learn more about hook and non-transactional messages.

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