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Make Your Stories More Vibrant, Engaging, and Lively

If you’re an Instagram or Netflix user, “Stories” is something you are familiar with. Stories allow you to access your friends’ updates or favorite stores on Instagram. They help check out the top trends or the most watched series and movies on Netflix. The stories have grown many times over – from the very beginning when they were published on Snapchat. Stories got their money’s worth and got their own platform after Instagram and Netflix presented their views on stories. Today that is appreciated 400 million users around the world use stories to share their personal travels. Several websites and applications now offer stories as a focal point for presenting products, recommendations, and content.

Insider’s growth management platform has always set the trend in the market by bringing unprecedented products and features to the market. One such product is InStory – a story creation platform for businesses that allows them to engage and transform their customers with Instagram and Snapchat-like stories. InStory has proven to be a huge success, already making a phenomenal impact on businesses in terms of new levels of engagement, conversions and revenue. More than 160 of our partners have created personalized instories and generated click rates of 9.6% upwards with a conversion rate of 102% and an average AOV increase of up to 27%.

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