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How to Win More Deals with Video for Sales in 2021

January 18, 2021· ·6 min read

We’ve rounded up the best sales video examples for 2020 to inspire you to connect with prospects, scale your operations, and improve your sales process with videos in 2021.

How has your sales process changed during the pandemic? Have you written so many emails that your fingers are numb? Perhaps you had to shake yourself awake for another Zoom call. If you’re like the 2020 Video in Business Awards winners, you’re using a lot more video throughout your sales process. This year, our winners and finalists showed us that in a year of constraints, video has helped sales teams book more meetings, remove friction on the buyer’s path, and shorten business cycles.

We’ve rounded up the top five ways VIB finalists are using video to sell to win more deals and stand out from the competition so you can be inspired to do the same.

Get personal, get noticed

According to a recent HubSpot study, the number of sales emails sent in November 2020 increased 124% compared to a pre-pandemic benchmark. And guess what – responses were down 30% compared to the same benchmark. Read the sign: Your prospect’s inboxes are (even more than usual) clogged with emails that won’t connect. If your email gets noticed, it should be more relevant and even better – personal.

Since video is the next best thing to be there in person, consider it a crowbar for breaking inboxes. Even if you use the word video in your subject line, your email is 5 times more likely to open and 8 times more likely to receive a response. Once it’s open, a video thumbnail is a powerful opportunity. So make sure you take the effort to create a creative and eye-catching video (and thumbnail) that your potential customers can’t ignore!

The VIB finalists in our Pitch Perfecter category showed how they can stand out from the crowd with creative video ideas that have been specially developed for their goals. Fresh Relevance’s Sam Kean won with his personal approach to Video For Prospecting’s Most Creative Use. Since Sam started using video, he has had a 95% open rate and a response rate three times higher than text-based email. “I have more corporate meetings with video than any other means,” says Sam, including meetings with three of the UK’s top five retail brands.

In his successful example, Sam reached out to a prospect who sells weights online with a video of him lifting weights … all the time. (Ouch!) He felt the burn and his prospect felt the love.

Most creative use of video to find out
Winner: Sam Kean on Fresh Relevance

In the same category, Domino Data Lab’s finalist Kayla Cytron-Thaler took a similar, personalized approach when she realized that her prospect was a Jay-Z fan. She dusted off her rap skills to book the meeting, showing a lot of personality in the process.

Most creative use of video to find out
Finalist: Kayla Cytron-Thaler in the Domino Data Lab

Explain yourself clearly

As well as being a great tool for connecting in person, video is a fantastic tool for demonstration. And in a remote environment, it is also your most effective tool. Think about it – the medium combines audio and video instructions and allows you to add emotional emphasis. Add the ability to pause, play, and share, and a video can outperform a personal demo in terms of practicality and effectiveness.

The Pitch Performer Category Winner for Most Effective Use of Video for Prospecting demonstrated the show-and-tell of the video with a riff over the popular unboxing video format. Matt Hall works for the packaging company Woodway UK. So it made sense to unpack your potential customer’s own products and then show them how they can help them improve. When booking a meeting, Matt used to receive over forty calls. So far he has been able to book two meetings from just eleven videos with video.

Most Effective Use of Video for Going Out
Winner: Matt Hall at Woodway UK

Channel Advisor’s Lou Casados, another finalist in the same category, uses screen record videos to point out certain problems or online opportunities for his potential customers that would otherwise be difficult to explain over the phone or in an email . Since his work is digital, it is much easier for him to show than to tell. Although he does too. The recording of his voice along with the screen capture gives potential customers an idea of ​​who he is – a friendly and easy going guy who really wants to help them.

Be strategic

Recording video can be done quickly and easily, but it is not effective without a plan. Work smarter, not harder, by leveraging video analytics and understanding video best practices before you begin.

For example, Visual Seller category winner Thomas Buchanan at Modus relies heavily on video analytics to get the most out of his efforts. He fundamentally changed his sales process by replacing face-to-face meetings (including video calls) with short, prospectus-oriented software demos. He now monitors who is watching these videos (and how often) to prioritize who to call first. For his small team with big dreams, “optimizing sales efforts is everything”. Since implementing video in his process, the win rate has quadrupled. Using analysis as a guide for his actions, he continues to experiment and confidently works with videos.

On a larger scale, as a result of the pandemic, finalists in the Virtual Sales Team of the Year category, Thryv, have also revamped their sales process to move a large team of field workers to a video-first approach. To prepare for the shift, they created a pilot program that includes a three-phase training program to certify their employees in video sales. This strategic transition ensures that employees feel supported and can work efficiently with video. Although Thryv is still in its infancy, he is already seeing positive results from the pilot in the form of shorter sales cycles as employees reach the prospects on their own terms.

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Scale personal reach

Speaking of strategy, here’s a little tip: not every video in your sales process has to be created specifically for one person. If you want to expand your efforts, you can still make a personal connection while sending the same video to multiple people.

Take this example from another Pitch Perfecter finalist, Jared Ingram, an AE at OSI Global IT. He made a creative narrative video that demonstrated his sense of humor to start conversations and build relationships. Undoubtedly, most of Jared’s contacts could relate to the video’s work from home. That’s why he has used it widely as a way to connect and book more large-scale meetings.

Pitch perfecter
Finalist: Jared Ingram at OSI Global IT

To scale sales and eliminate friction throughout the sales process, the AIS team has increased the use of video, making it runner-up in the Virtual Sales Team of the Year category. For several years now, they have been producing a series on their YouTube channel to answer frequently asked questions for buyers in the consideration phase. When the pandemic broke out, they had to create a video in advance of the appointment to broadcast to potential clients booking a meeting. The video saves time by explaining services and products and building trust and relationships even before the first meeting. The success of this video in shortening business cycles, as well as the positive feedback from customers, led AIS to plan similar videos for their other products.

Virtual Sales Team of the Year
Second place: AIS

Use video throughout the sales process

There are so many ways you can use video to sell – to book meetings, build relationships, and get more business. And you’ll get even better results when you combine these different methods to use video across your business.

Video changed the way the SDR and AE teams sell on #paid, making them this year’s Sales Team of the Year winners. They know that a strong brand is built by consistently delivering a great experience throughout the buyer’s entire journey, from prospecting to demos, even how objections are handled. Since adding video to every stage of this journey, the team at #paid has seen results like a 5x increase in outbound message response rates and a 2.5x increase in sales opportunities. They also credit videos that help build better relationships and close more deals, faster. Here’s an example of how video can break the ice when a prospect has gone cold.

Sales team of the year
Winner: #paid

All of the 2020 Video in Business Awards finalists used video as a secret weapon, and so can you. First, think about how you can connect personally with your viewers, explain yourself clearly, scale your operations, and use video strategically throughout your sales process. We hope that reading our finalists has inspired you to take your video sales to the next level in 2021. Because even in a remote world, you have the tools to make connections and improve your sales process!

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Tyler Lessard

Tyler Lessard

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