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Delightful and Consistent Cross-Channel Experience for Insider’s Platform

Today marks an important point in Insider’s history with innovative products that enable marketing professionals to deliver powerful, multi-channel customer experiences.

We’re excited to share a brand new experience for corporate marketers using the Insider platform to deliver splendid, intuitive, and consistent Experiences for their customers and achieve their business goals.

Before we dive into these new changes and how they are changing your experience, let me talk a little bit about why we made them in the first place.

Why we invested over 25% of our roadmap in a new UX

For every product team out there (especially in enterprise marketing tech) investing in UX is a big decision. This may mean taking the time to develop features that marketers can use to reach their customers in newer ways. And in a highly competitive environment like MarTech, that could mean a lot. What made us make this decision?

Enterprise UX doesn’t have to be boring!

At Insider, we firmly believe in #thisisinsider #thisisdifferent as our motto. We have focused on delivering breakthrough MarTech products like InStory, predictive audiences and messaging apps to our customers help you to always offer your customers innovative experiences.

When we talk to our customers (marketers) about Enterprise UX, they paint a picture of clunky, slow-loading platforms that require immense training and offer a boring experience. And if you know us, we are anything but that!

Insider’s primary focus is on developing products that are very easy to integrate, use, and help marketers achieve their business goals faster. And our UX is just as much a product for us as our website personalization, email marketing and mobile marketing suites. This prompts us to invest heavily in finding the next breakthrough for enterprise marketing technology platforms.

So what’s next?

What does the brand new Insider have in store for you? I will walk you through six key areas where you will see positive changes in the experience of our platform.

A new navigation experience

We’ve improved our land experience to make it easier for marketers to use our ever-expanding suite of products. Currently, Insider supports more than seven channels and offers more than 40 products in a single, intuitive land experience.

We surveyed clients in our design research process and knew what to do. While our land experience focused on channels, our new UX completely reorganizes the experience in terms of use cases. Put simply, we’ve changed it to match the way you use the product rather than how we make the product.

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