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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We Do Your Mobile App Development 25% – 35% Faster Than Our Competitors


What if someone launches your app idea before you?

Well, guess what, we aren’t going to let that happen.


Streamline Your App Development – Get One Team That Can Handle It All

You pay for the equivalent of one employee – but you get the developer, designer and tester, all working for you at different stages of the app creation ‘production in one compact team as part of our Team Model. This reduces your launch time by as much as 25-35%!!

In most other mobile app development companies in India, resources like the developer, UX designer, backend developer and tester, each give their own timelines for app development. This leads to increased duration and extended deadlines. However, at VE, the developers and designers, along with testers work as a single, compact team to achieve shorter timelines. .

Virtual Employee offers a multitude of options to hire mobile application developers from India. You can hire developers either on full time or part time or hourly basis depending upon your specific needs. We have over 50 mobile app developers who have a combined experience of more than 250 years. When you outsource mobile development to VE, you get all-in-one advantage. Mobile app designer works closely with the developer, who works exclusively for your project. Our motive is to deliver top quality, feature-rich mobile applications at affordable costs.


Our Mobile App Development Services

Our dedicated offshore resources enable you to hire mobile app developers at a fraction of the cost that you would pay in your country. When you hire Indian app developers you get dual advantages of cost savings as well as highly customized app development.