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Social media techniques to integrate into your digital PR strategy

30-second summary:

  • Social media offers a personal way to connect.
  • Keeping the connections on social media and emails consistent can help you build a solid relationship.
  • Compliments and details are valuable when used in the right context in conjunction with a relevant pitch.
  • Nicole Franco, Head of Media Relations, gives tips and tricks on personalization when sending professional and personalized media conversations.

Marketers who want to build backlinks and brand awareness often do digital PR.

However, it is not easy to create amazing content and then make it available to the authors earned media Strategy. Reach alone can cause many marketers to struggle and eventually give up the tactic.

While easier said than done, reaching out to the author of a regular pitch email can make each market stand out from the rest Wave of emails a journalist receives every day.

Read on to discover different ways you can not only create an amazing media relationship email, but also use social media to create organic, personalized relationships with writers.

Technique # 1: Compliments on Instagram

A natural way to develop a relationship with an editor or journalist is to connect through Instagram.

Add them first and maybe like their last post. Read the situation, maybe leave a funny comment or a compliment on a relevant post that relates to the content of a potential pitch.

After a slight connection is made, send them a message or email on their Instagram post while mentioning your content and collaboration ideas.

Below is an example of one possible way to reach out to an editor. Think about the content you are posting and whether it is a serious topic. Editors dealing with lifestyle topics would like to receive these types of inquiries.

1. Instagram DM

Pitch email

digital PR reach via social media - Instagram email pitch

It’s important to keep track of the type of journalists you are reaching. In the example above, the author had posted about Disney and consistently dealt with funny travel content.

Analyzing the reporting and writing style can provide valuable insights into how to properly contact. Noticing everyday events or mentioning some seasonal vacation plans are also good examples of personalizing a pitch. In the example above, I decided to connect to Halloween costumes through Instagram.

Technique # 2: Request contact information via Twitter

Similar to Instagram, you can get in touch with journalists by starting a conversation on Twitter. Try retweeting a photo or liking an attributable post instead of liking a photo or leaving a compliment.

Twitter DMs are also a great way to ask a publisher what their preferred form of contact is. Lots of publishers have DMs open and ready to take a news tip straight to their Twitter inbox!

Twitter DM

digital PR reach through social media - 2 Twitter

Pitch email

Digital PR use via social media - 3 you get to know about 3 on LinkedIn 1

Pitch response

Twitter pitch response

One of the most important things to keep in mind when contacting social media is making sure The content you turn up is relevant. That connection worked because the marketer did their research, keeping the author’s tact and referring to an article covered recently in the pitch email.

If your content is irrelevant or inconsistent with the author’s reporting, don’t expect a response.

Technique # 3: Meet LinkedIn

LinkedIn is considered by some to be the most formal way to go. However, in order to send a message through LinkedIn you need to be connected with the person, which lengthens the connection process.

When signing up on LinkedIn, it is important to note that funny or informal comments may not be well received on this platform. Remember, LinkedIn is used for professional connections. Therefore, keep a PR message short, concise, and professional.

LinkedIn DMs

Digital PR use via social media - 3 you get to know about 3 on LinkedIn 1

In both examples, the message was to mention their tact and simply ask for an email to best contact them. Although it seems simple, the author is expecting your email in their inbox and most likely will remember your name. Also, as mentioned above, customize your subject line so the writer knows exactly which email is yours. I’ve given an example below.

Pitch email

digital PR use via social media - 3 meet you on LinkedIn - email

Aside from just asking for an email, try to connect with them by starting a conversation about the college they went to or an experience they had. Any other Gator is always welcome in my inbox!

Technique # 4: reference social in order to become relatable

While we turn to journalists to build a professional relationship, addressing their personal preferences can go a long way. One way to do this is to read the BIOS on social media or personal website. Some might be writing a book or expressing something that they really enjoy.

Do these things apply to you too? If so, please let them know! Yes, the person on the other side of the email loves coffee or dogs as much as you do. Who knew?

Pitch email

Pitch response

digital PR reach via social media - 5 reference social

Some say that humans love dogs more than humans, and this pitch is no exception. Here I decided to take the plunge and mention the journalists’ pup in their email. I have attached a picture of your own puppy, mentioned her dog in my email subject line, and shared similar experiences.

While this may not always be successful, in this case it was due to the marketer’s research and analysis. Do your research again. Most journalists already mention how they would like to be turned to places like Muckrack, their personal website, and just by reading their articles (example below). Marketers can get an idea of ​​how to personalize an email.

digital PR reach via social media - example

Final tips and tricks for your digital PR strategy

Some things to keep in mind when connecting on social media: Always do your research, don’t be too invasive, and keep it simple. Neither of us needs a full recap of what we tweeted in the summer of 2016. Keep it short, sweet, and relevant.

As a result, all journalists are different. Although some prefer basic intros, using an external connection can increase a marketer’s chance of establishing a lasting connection.

Whether it’s referencing dog pictures from Twitter or a line from a recent article you wrote, paying attention to those little details can mean the difference between an ignored email and a new digital PR connection.

When in doubt, turn to the social. Have fun pitching!

Nicole Franco is Media Relations Lead at Fractl. She is an extrovert and has a passion for connecting with entrepreneurs and working with emerging companies to tell their stories. Apart from the loving development of content; Traveling, volunteering and seeking adventure is what she lives for.

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