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22nd September 2020

New audience engagement analysis and video reporting tools give users of HubSpot Video, which is powered by Vidyard, better insight into customer behavior and the real impact of their online video content

KÜCHENER, Ontario – September 22, 2020 – To support the growing video appetite in businesses, Vidyard worked with HubSpot to develop new analytics and reporting capabilities that are now available in HubSpot video – The solution for hosting and publishing videos in the marketing, sales, service and CMS software from HubSpot, which is based on the online video platform from Vidyard.

The new features introduced at today INBOUND 2020Empower HubSpot Video users to turn video views of website visitors into actionable insights for their marketing, sales, and service teams to respond faster, improve personalization, and convert more visitors into customers. New enhancements also include the ability to drag and drop videos onto HubSpot landing pages and email campaigns, generate reliable video reports, and enjoy a seamless user experience with HubSpot Video and Vidyard’s premium online video sharing services.

“Video is an essential communication tool in this connected online environment, when many buyers and sellers work from home,” said Michael Litt, Vidyard co-founder and CEO. “To survive this rapid change, companies need to find effective ways to make their customers feel connected. Therefore communication has to be more human. No tool can do this better than video while delivering real business results. “

“When we launched HubSpot Video in 2018, our goal was to make it easy for every seller, marketer, and support professional to create authentic, personalized videos,” said Nicholas Holland, GM of Marketing Hub at HubSpot. “With video becoming increasingly important in the remote-first world, we are excited to offer our customers more powerful reporting tools to help them make data-driven decisions that improve their customers’ video experience.”

HubSpot video updates bring new features and ease of use

With the new updates to HubSpot Video, now available in Private Beta with select HubSpot customers, users can:

  • Know exactly who is watching their videos with CRM View Events: First time all HubSpot Video users in Marketing Hub (Pro and Enterprise) receive video display data as part of their contact activity schedules. This data offers marketers a new look at customer loyalty by helping them understand exactly what videos their contacts are watching and when they are watching them, and then using that information to drive their marketing – all within HubSpot. Customers can upgrade to a Premium Vidyard plan for even deeper insights and drive marketing automation.
  • Understand the impact of video content using a new custom report generator: A brand new report user interface makes it easy for marketers to analyze video view data for deeper insight into video performance and contact engagement.

In addition to more powerful video analytics and new ways to link video content with customer loyalty, HubSpot’s updated drag-and-drop CMS makes it easier to embed and customize videos on websites, landing pages and email marketing campaigns. Video thumbnails can be customized and video players can be customized to create the ultimate branding experience. This is especially useful for marketers tasked with creating effective email campaigns, landing pages, blog posts, and more.

In addition, HubSpot Video and Vidyard’s premium online video platform services customers will have access to bi-directional synchronization between the two solutions, making it easier to use video at scale and maximizing the value of both platforms.

Learn how Vidyard and HubSpot are working together so marketers can leverage video and CRM data to better engage with their customers by attending the virtual session at INCOMING 2020: “Using Video and Your CRM to Empower Your Marketing,” moderated by Tyler Lessard, Vice President Marketing at Vidyard, and Nicholas Holland, GM Marketing Marketing at HubSpot.

HubSpot Video is now available in private beta, with general availability being available to all users in Marketing Hub.

More information:

About Vidyard

Vidyard helps businesses and professionals connect with their audiences in new ways by delivering engaging, personalized, and measurable video experiences. Through its global video hosting and analytics platform, Vidyard enables companies like Honeywell, Citibank and HubSpot to change their approach to marketing, sales and corporate communications. With its free and professional tools, Vidyard helps any business professional create and share custom videos to get their message across in a more personal and impactful way. Thousands of businesses and millions of people around the world rely on Vidyard for their video needs.

Media contact

Sandy Pell, director of corporate communications, Vidyard


New audience engagement analysis and video reporting tools give users of HubSpot Video, which is powered by Vidyard, better insight into customer behavior and the real impact of their online video content

Sandy Pell

Sandy Pell

Sandy Pell is the director of corporate communications at Vidyard. She was named one of the Top 30 Under 30 in Canada by PR in Canada and one of the Top 20 Tech Women in Canada by the C100. When she’s not creating extraordinary communication, as a commercial wall painter, she turns empty spaces into remarkable places!

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