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Vidyard Reveals 2020 Video in Business Awards Winners

December 10, 2020

The Video in Business Awards recognize marketers, sales professionals, and companies who are using video in new ways to get better results.

KÜCHENER, Ontario – December 10, 2020 – Vidyard, the video platform for companies, has just announced the 12 winners in its third year Video in Business Awards. Every year, the award program recognizes companies and individuals who use video to generate more leads, generate new income and change the way they communicate.

“Video has always been a powerful way to connect with audiences and accelerate business. But as we’ve all grappled with the abrupt transition to an all-digital business, this year was an incredible year for the rise of the video business, ”said Tyler Lessard, chief video strategist at Vidyard. “This year’s winners demonstrated an incredible ability to be creative, innovate and adaptable across 12 categories in an extremely challenging year. You have what it takes to excel in this new normal. “

Congratulations to all of the 2020 Video in Business Award winners and finalists who are strategically using video to drive better business results. Discover the 2020 winners by category:

Video Marketing Awards

The Video in Business Awards recognize marketing teams in four categories who use video to educate prospects and customers, drive engagement, generate leads, and make a real impact on better business outcomes through the use of video content and analytics. The winners include:

The educator: Exceptional use of video to educate prospects, gain their trust, and generate inbound leads

  • Winner: AQUILA Commercial – The team has fully adopted video as a core part of their marketing strategy. The videos were informative and well produced. Seeing a commercial real estate company focus on educational content is fantastic.
  • Runner-up: RetroFoam of Michigan, Simple Strat
  • Honorable Mentions: Leica Geosystems (Hexagon), Honeywell Aerospace

The visionary: The most creative use of video to drive audience engagement and get mind blowing results

  • Winner: Tech Data – The team used personalized video technology to create unique, large-scale videos. By adding their customers’ names, details and relevant stats, they’ve boosted engagement and helped close more deals in 2020.
  • Second: InVision, Lightico
  • Honorable Mentions: Trimble, No Lift Install

The storyteller: Exceptional use of storytelling, humor, or emotion in videos to engage audiences in new ways

  • Winner: IMPRINT Group – It rarely happens that a B2B brand is so authentic, transparent and vulnerable. Her social video told the story of her company’s struggle during the pandemic to bring their community together. It’s the kind of story that stays on your mind and builds great respect for the brand.
  • Second: Baker Tilly, Just Kibbitz
  • Honorable Mentions: Deep Trekker, Viqtory

The virtual event: The most impressive, engaging, and impactful virtual event hosted by a B2B brand

  • Winner: Axonify – AxoniCom LIVE was a creative spectacle that reinterpreted the possibilities of a virtual event. Mixing high-produced multi-camera sets, found footage, live-to-air interviews, community building chats and downloadable assets kept the audience engaged and entertained for this event.
  • Second place: The Knot Worldwide, Tech Data
  • Honorable mentions: LinkedIn, Sales Success Media

Video Marketing Program of the Year: Most effective use of video content and analytics across marketing channels to increase conversions and generate more pipeline

  • Winner: 7Geese – This “small but mighty” marketing team makes the most of their efforts by strategically focusing on brand awareness, maintenance, and web conversions – all of which prioritize the use of video to improve the audience experience. With results like $ 100,000 in new sales from product walkthrough videos, this prolific team shows that you don’t need a big budget to make a big impact with videos.
  • Second: New Race, Unity
  • Honorable Mentions: LinkedIn, FinancialForce

Video Selling Awards

The Video Selling Awards recognize individuals and teams who use video to connect with prospects, accelerate the business cycle, increase close rates, and generally reinvent and streamline the sales process. In four categories, these finalists raise the bar for sales teams everywhere.

The pitch perfecter (s): Most creative use of in-person video for outbound prospecting by a sales rep or team

  • Winner: Sam Kean (Fresh Relevance) – Sam uses videos to get to know his prospects in person in the most creative possible way, and often uses props to grab attention and demonstrate how he can help. Since using video, Sam has achieved 95% open rates and three times the response rates, helping him land meetings with large corporate accounts.
  • Second: Chris van Praag (BabelQuest), Frank Weschler (Dynamic Signal)
  • Honorable mentions: Team emc3, Jared Ingram (OSI Global IT)

The pitch performer (s): Most effective use of in-person video for sales outbound prospecting

  • Winner: Matt Hall (Woodway UK) – An “unboxing” video for a packaging company? It sounds like a no-brainer, but Matt took his unboxing to the next level by making it personal for his prospects and highlighting how he can help without giving too much away. Booking a meeting used to take over forty calls, but with video, Matt was able to book two meetings from just eleven videos – that’s now effect!
  • Second: Kayla Cytron-Thaler (Domino Data Lab), Lou Casados ​​(Channel Advisor)
  • Honorable Mentions: Team Sellab, Marc Mendes (Infinity Group)

The visual seller (s): Best use of video throughout the sales process to shorten business cycles and increase close rates

  • Winner: Thomas Buchanan (Modus) – Thomas reinvented their sales process to use video at every step of the journey. Thomas isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and experiment with different video formats. He knows how to use video analytics to monitor his results, make adjustments, and streamline sales efforts to get great results.
  • Runner-up: Carol VanHook-Weaver (Akara Partners), Max MacCready (Jellyvision, Inc.)
  • Honorable Mentions: Derek Hayden (Dansig / Shelbyville Insurance), Phil Boyce (T-Mobile)

Virtual Sales Team of the Year: Epic sales team using video throughout the customer lifecycle to radically improve sales performance

  • Winner: #paid – #paid’s SDR and AE teams know that a strong brand is built by consistently delivering a great experience for the buyer’s entire journey, from prospecting to demos, and even how they are with Circumvent objections. Video has changed the way this team sells. With results like a 5X increase in outbound response rates, the method works!
  • Second: AIS, Thryv
  • Honorable Mentions: FEED. The agency, virtual academy

Video in Business Mastery Awards

The winners of the three Business Mastery categories represent the overall package. You have taken a “video first” approach to transform your entire organization and achieve better business results. This year’s video masters shone when it came to finding video solutions for the world of remote work.

The genius: The most incredible in-house producers or video teams to help their business develop, execute, and execute a holistic video strategy

  • Winner: Jim Kozyra (TBI) – Jim had planned a video-first approach for his team at TBI well before the pandemic. When it started, they could start right away. TBI was able to maintain sponsorship income for canceled live events by moving to live video and virtual events, generating new leads with a fully quarantined branding promoter, and creating recorded education and training opportunities for partners across the country.
  • Second: Glenn McManus @ Aprimo, Jelan Maxwell @ Sophos
  • Honorable Mentions: Georgia State University, Tech Data

The WFH employees: Best use of synchronous and asynchronous video for successfully transitioning your business to a remote model

  • Winner: McDermott Will & Emery – Hosted by the executive team at McDermott Will & Emery, this adorable children’s storytime series is unique for a law firm. It is a shining example of how empathy and support for employees can lead to engagement and a more vital corporate culture.
  • Second place: Digital22, home hardware
  • Honorable Mentions: Experian, SuperCare Health

The Video Mastery Award (VMA): The ultimate video-enabled company using video to transform the way they market, sell, communicate, and collaborate

  • Winner: Digital 22 – All of Digital 22’s video content and strategies show some maturity as they took a video-first approach from the start. From prospecting to demos to onboarding and team collaboration, Digital 22 is improving its video business at every turn. This leads to a doubling of the website and traffic, more inbound leads, faster business cycles, and more robust internal communications.
  • Second place: Unbounce, ApplyBoard
  • Honorable Mentions: Mobilization Funding, Aprimo

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