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January 8, 2021

In 2020, Vidyard brought new technology and tools to market, contributed financial donations and volunteer hours, and shared educational resources and skills training with nonprofits and educators to support pandemic relief efforts.

KÜCHENER, Ontario – January 7, 2021 – Two years ago, Vidyard rearranged its stakeholder list Prioritize “Community” over “Investors”. in a bold move for tech. In 2020, those efforts multiplied when Vidyard relocated its Community Social Impact Program to support new, urgent needs created by the ongoing global pandemic. In 2020, Vidyard’s program focused on three core areas: (1) bringing new technology and tools to market, (2) supporting the community through financial donations and volunteer hours, and (3) sharing educational resources and video training with nonprofits and educators, Build Your Own Trust when using videos.

Last year it was more important than ever to support our community. We have adapted to remote volunteering and worked with local organizations to provide effective programming to meet growing needs, ”said Laura Galbraith, Director of Community at Vidyard. “In addition to supporting the physical needs of our community, we’ve adapted our programs to better support the digital needs. Since video is the next best thing to be there in person, we knew it was important to provide technology and training to those who need it most. “

Throughout 2020, Vidyard has:

  • Contributed over 2500 hours of personal volunteer service Support nine local charities.
  • Existing volunteer programs adapted Volunteering opportunities based on virtual skills to best serve the local community.
  • Announcing a secure video messaging tool improve internal communication during the pandemic and made it available free of charge to all organizations and nonprofits.
  • Free access to online videos and virtual teaching aids to help K-12 school districts and teachers move their classes online using private video content.
  • Local hospitals financed Purchase 1,500 healthcare worker meals, personal protective equipment (PPE), and emergency supplies for staff.
  • Donation funds for local charity campaigns, including ‘This too will pass‘Provide much-needed funding for seven pandemic-affected charities in the Waterloo area.
  • Employee-led volunteer services to help for health care workers Tutoring for their children, walks with the dog, picking up groceries, lawn maintenance and much more.
  • Partnership with local schools and outreach programs Equip students with digital skills Finding work amid the pandemic. The programs shared best practices, training, and tools to teach students, mentors, and teachers how to use video to improve communication.
  • Working with local nonprofits to serve communities Most at risk from shared access to video tools that allow them to better communicate with donors, staff and volunteers within their organization and externally.

Support nonprofits and school districts with secure video tools that encourage collaboration

Within days of moving several organizations to a completely removed workforce, Vidyard saw the fighting firsthand. Teams, including educators, nonprofits, and organizations, have not been set up to maintain collaboration. Vidyard gathered to launch a secure video messaging tool that faces the biggest battle – staying connected. Vidyard released two tools and set them free for a limited time to relieve the tension and stress associated with becoming a remote worker overnight.

The first, a secure video messaging toolis designed to improve internal communications and help nonprofits stay connected. Users can easily record and share private, secure videos, both internally with colleagues and externally with donors, staff and volunteers. The second, a virtual teaching aidwas built to provide school districts, teachers, and students with collaboration methods that will help them stay connected. This enabled K-12 school districts and teachers to communicate online with private video content.

Conveying best practices and video training so that students can quickly switch to digital first

Video training and best practices quickly became a key resource for nonprofits that were suddenly struggling to communicate with their teams in a time of rapid transition and change. When the local region first got involved in helping a nationwide shutdown, Vidyard worked with higher education institutions to share their knowledge. Initially, Vidyard worked with Wilfrid Laurier University’s Faculty of Education by providing volunteer hours to support local hospital staff with tutoring and mentoring for their children.

Second, Vidyard partnered with the University of Waterloo to share training resources that would help struggling organizations evolve in the new, digital first world. Together they started one Basics of digital skills of course too equip students with digital skills and talents They would need to make significant contributions to local charities while strengthening their skills to support the future of work.

Finally, Vidyard has partnered with local schools and educational programs to share best practices, training, and tools for using video to facilitate communication. These partnerships have helped local student groups find new ways to virtually deliver their programs via video.

Free Video 101: Immersive Workshop for Nonprofits

On January 21, Vidyard is hosting a free Video 101 – Immersive Workshop for nonprofits Jacob Fernandes, Customer Outcomes Manager, who explains the basics of getting started with video. RSVP special guest speakers, a short panel with current examples and challenges in the industry as well as breakout workshops with video experts.

In November, TrustRadius awarded Vidyard one 2020 Tech Cares Award for their decision to launch new free video tools to help new remote workers stay connected.

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Vidyard’s Community Social Impact Program prioritizes education and free tools to help facilitate the move to remote working. In 2020, Vidyard brought new technology and tools to market, contributed financial donations and volunteer hours, and shared educational resources and skills training with nonprofits and educators to support pandemic relief efforts.

Sandy Pell

Sandy Pell

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