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5 Proven Ways to Master Instagram Reels: What Brands Need to Know

Instagram’s Reels is the powerhouse of visual communication and more than a place for dance challenges and quick tutorials. With its long reach and grippy format, it’s one of the best places to get your brand going and attract more customers.

From high fashion brands to individual contributors to the NBA, everyone is on Reels and looking to do more business right after Instagram launched Reels.

As a business, there are some benefits to being on Instagram with Reels. What are these and how can you use this feature to build customer loyalty?

Let’s find out.

What exactly are Instagram roles?

Instagram rolls are short videos that are usually accompanied by music and last between 15 and 30 seconds. Like TikTok’s best-known competitor, Reels videos are fun, casual, and easy to get a message across.

Filters have also been part of Reels since his Instagram. With the AR enabled tools, you can create exciting videos with special effects. Basically, there are endless creative options when it comes to roles.

Why should businesses consider Instagram roles?

As a business owner, Reels gives you a quick and fun way to access trending content or take on the latest challenge to take care of your brand. It’s less time consuming than a long form video, but its short duration makes it cheaper and faster to produce.

Roles are usually aimed at people who make your brand human and provide an opportunity for lots of sharing and engagement when done right. Reels is the perfect place for your brand to relax and connect with the audience.

Take a look at the Sephora beauty chain’s Reels strategy of blending internet cat fixation with product launches. The cat video in which the products are props has 1.2 million views! Sephora also offers some makeup tutorials as well as discount promotions.

Roles can be an effective way to reach your audience and brand your company. The trick here is to attack the exploration page by engaging with your audience over a fun and informative video.

Unlike traditional marketing platforms, your videos only have to move away from your product. Instagram reels offer the opportunity to focus on the story behind the brand. Let’s look at a few ways you can master the art of marketing in 15 seconds.

1. Use TikTok Videos again

Do you have a TikTok video idea with a lot of views? Use it on casters.

Since Instagram’s video sharing tool is relatively new, viral trends and challenges appear on Reels a week after TikTok. Use TikTok videos that have received a good response to stay ahead of the curve in your IG Reels game.

French luxury retailer Balmain goes a step further, using the same video on both platforms to maintain consistency across social media channels.

In this case, the highlighted video received more views on Instagram roles than TikTok. And the difference is drastic!

2. Share fun content for educational content

Since Instagram Reels is all about entertaining content, your products cannot be the focus of the video. You can create bite-sized content that is informative and has catchy music in it.

Look at this role of grammar. The brand is very active on Instagram and makes maximum use of Reels for the Brand. Branding is all about setting grammar for businesses and individuals. They simply demonstrated how to replace “a lot” of your content and make it more catchy.

It’s a perfect example of educational content. And trendy music is playing in the background on the reel so that people can quickly relate to the current trend. This role received nearly 70,000 views on Instagram.

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3. Present the application of the products quickly

You have around 15 seconds to present your product and even less time before your viewer moves on to the next role. So jump right in and show him how to use it.

Remember, roles are just one way to get their interest and that you don’t need to dig deeper into the benefits of the product and why they should visit your website to learn more.

Take the example of MAC Cosmetics, which summarizes the hours of makeup in short videos that will give you a quick look at how to use their products. This is a clever way to get customers to learn more about their website.

MAC receives an average of 500,000 views on the reels and over 10,000 likes for each video! For more information, check out an ultimate guide to creating an Instagram story content strategy.

4. Behind the scenes

Instagram Reels is a great place to show the story behind your brand and connect with your audience. Guide them through the process of launching your next product or marketing campaign idea, or even a website update.

You could have a fun clip about your co-workers taking on a dance challenge or just playing pranks in the office. Remember to keep it light and people-centered.

Check out this fun video from the HubSpot team on last minute Halloween costumes! It’s fun, casual, and speaks a lot about your company culture.

5. View offers and discounts

Who doesn’t like free things? Another surefire way to get your customers’ attention is by viewing your offers and discounts. Catchy music, a big banner telling them where to find the store, the coupon code, eye-catching graphics and you’re done. Special offers, especially in the upcoming holiday season, will definitely get you the eyeballs you need.

Roles can help you build customer loyalty and stay connected with your audience. It gives your consumers a break from hard selling and gives them the ability to subtly market your product.

The short videos are particularly suitable for small businesses as they are not very expensive and do not require a large budget. By jumping on trends, you are giving them an inside look at your business. They allow you to reach a wide audience and get your brand going.

4 tips for creating successful Instagram roles

You may think that Reels and TikTok are the same. So why invest in creating videos for reels? Although they are of the same format, there are two main differences.

First, the rolls are from 15 seconds to 30 seconds shorter than the 1 minute videos that TikTok allows. Second, roles are part of a much larger Instagram ecosystem. With posts, stories, and now reels, it has to be seen as a great strategy to be successful.

Also, according to Statista, Instagram reaches over 1 billion monthly active users and you only have 15 seconds to convince them to go to your website. Let’s see how exactly you can perform a good Instagram role that will bring you engagement.

1. Post it at the right time

Content on Instagram moves fast and if you post at the wrong time it is likely to be buried. A study by Sprout Social shows that the best time to post on Instagram is between 11am on Wednesday and 11am on Friday. The midweek blues makes Wednesday the best time to post, while Sunday is the day people take a break from social media.

This doesn’t mean your roles should be silent the rest of the time, but rather that you should keep the more engaging videos about launches, discounts, and viral challenges for those days when more people can see your content. You can also use scheduling software to manage your time and make sure you allow time to post the content on a regular basis.

For more information, check out these 30 Best Instagram Business Tools to Help You Create Better Content

2. Stay with the trend

Trends are a great way to use an already popular theme and create awareness for your brand.

Viral trends have a short shelf life, however, and you need to constantly stay on the trend watch to spot them when it gains popularity. If you still do the Renegade dance in October, you won’t be driving an engagement.

One way to do this is to search TikTok for possible trends that are growing in importance. Most of these viral trends start with videos from individual developers, but once celebrities jump on them, their reach expands. You can quickly search for the “Explore” section in TikTok and find the latest topics:

3. Use humor wherever possible

As a brand, you may be tempted to create content just for your business. However, remember that roles should be easy and fun. There is no better way than humor to get more views and encourage engagement.

Like I said, reels are people-centric and you can use your team to create humorous content that may not even be related to your core business.

Take fitness instructor Cassey Ho’s Blogilates page, which uses humor related to food and exercise to encourage more engagement. Note that their roles are not just about exercise, they make fun of eating habits. With humor she connects with her audience and makes herself more reliable.

4. Use the correct background music

The music sets the tone for your roles and is a critical element of success. Choose music that is popular and that also goes with your content. Since the music is only for a very short duration, make sure it is not too abrupt. Also opt for trending music like the recent rise of K-pop music which includes BTS and Blackpink.

You can also upload original audio using roles. If you want to use your music make sure it is clear and how professionally recorded music sounds.

These are just a few of the basic ideas you can use to use Instagram Reels for the benefit of your business. However, they have no structure and you should be innovative and get creative with your visual content.

Since Reels is a new platform, it gives you an opportunity to attract more viewers and become one of the top developers. Get the first mover advantage with these tips to help you make a name for yourself.

Bottom line

With its existing user base, Instagram Reels is a great way to keep your marketing efforts on the platform. With Shop, Stories and now Reels, you can create a comprehensive image for your brand and take it straight to the checkout on the same platform.

There are two important things to keep in mind here: First: Casual, light-hearted and fun. Second, stay relevant to your brand and create content around it.

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